Stadia – The future of gaming?

Stadia One of the reasons I started a YouTube channel with Red Alert 2 content, apart from my love for the game, is because my old PC couldn’t run newer games. Now Stadia offers a solution to this problem.

What exactly is Stadia? Stadia is a cloud gaming service operated by Google. It’s capable of streaming video games to your TV, PC or mobile phone with no additional computer hardware. All you need is an internet connection. Players don’t even have to download the games to their personal devices to start them. From what I can gather, Stadia offers a collection of “free games” you can play for a monthly subscription and also purchase the games in their store. The collection of games seems rather limited at the moment, sadly I haven’t seen any C&C games or games like C&C, but if the service takes off I have no doubt it will grow.

I think this could be something that brings high end games closer to a lot of people. People that cannot afford to upgrade their computers every year to keep up with the technical demands of newer games. The monthly subscription of 10$ also seems reasonable especially if the “cancel anytime” promise is true.

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