Red Alert 2 Hotkeys

Red Alert 2 Hotkeys - Learn all keyboard commands!

Red Alert 2 hotkeys

Using hotkeys or keyboard commands when playing Red Alert 2 can drastically speed up your build and reaction times and therefore give you a huge advantage over your opponent. If your playing a two player game and your opponent is building much faster than you or his units are more mobile and responsive, it’s probably because he uses keyboard commands! Keyboard hotkeys help you in variety of things. From placing down buildings, combining units in different groups or even deploying your unit’s without double clicking. 

Key Command Description
Tab Diplomacy menu Option Menu, Ally or Declare a War with other players
T Key Unit type select Selecting one unit and pressing  T will select all the same type of units that you see one your screen.
TT key Unit type select Selecting one unit and pressing  T will select all the same type of units on the map.
H key Show primary bas Pressing H will move your view to your primary base (MCV).
Z key Way point mode When a unit is selected hold Z and click with the left mouse  button to create way points. Realease the Z key and unit will follow that way point.
X key Scatter When a unit or a group of units is selected pressing X will scatter them around the vicinity.
S key Stop Stop the unit.
G key Guard The unit will guard the vicinity.
Y key Select Elite When a group of units is selected press once to select elite, twice for veteran and three times for regular units.
D key Deploy Deploy selected unit (if applicable)
K key Repair mode Enables you to repair buildings.
L key Sell mode Enables you to sell buildings.
Q key Structure tab
W key Armory tab
E key Infantry tab
R key Unit tab
F key Follow When a unit is selected pressing F will place camera on top of that unit and follow the unit if it moves.
P key Select all units
U key ? See all units with the same health. Never used this one before.
C key Cheer All units cheer
CTRL+ 1-9 Create team Selecting a group of units and pressing CTRL + 1 will place them in group 1. Same for all numbers.
1-9 Select team Select a created team.
A key Ally Ally with a chosen side.
N key Next unit Selects next unit.
M key Previous unit Selects previously selected unit.
B key Beacon Enables you to place down a beacon.
Spacebar Go to action Go to action on radar or beacon placed.
Ctrl+Shift+ Left Click Attack move Units move to the selected position and attack any units they encounter along the way.
CTRL + Left Click Force attack Force units to fire at target. Useful for destroying trees or units infected with terror drones.
ALT + Left Click Run over If you press ALT and left click on a crushable unit your tanks will run over it.
CTRL+ F9-F12 Bookmark Bookmark a location on the map.
CTRL +ALT+Left Click Defend The unit will guard the area, unit, structure.
F1-F8 Taunts
Enter Chat Chat with everyone.
Backspace Team chat Chat with your team.