Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Soviet March

Soviet March is the main theme song of Command and Conquer Red Alert 3. The song is composed by James Hannigan and it’s written in the style of a Red Army choir song.

The version in Red Alert 3 was performed by the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra and Choir. However, the expansion (Uprising) features an alternate version of the song performed by a soprano singer that includes additional lyrics.

Our Soviet Union conquers
The whole world from Europe to the Neva in the east.
Everywhere above the earth, they will sing:
The capital, vodka, our Soviet bear!

To all those around us, it’s not worth your while
If we were to turn you to ashes.
We thank you profoundly, and bow to you deeply
From the mightiest in all the world!

Easter Egg about Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Soviet March:

  • Battlefield 4 — In the CTE version of the map Hammerhead, there is a small drawing of a Kirov airship that can be found in the elevator shaft in the generator building. Shooting the drawing will play a rendition of “Soviet March” from the  Red Alert 3 soundtrack.

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