Factions of Red Alert 2

Red Alert 2 Factions - Learn all about special units

Every Red Alert 2 factions or nation has its uses. Some more than others – and some have distinct advantages or disadvantages against some nations. Pick a nation that you’re comfortable with and you can’t go wrong. Otherwise choose your nation depending on your opponents choice. And it’s nice to be at least comfortable playing with all of them.

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FranceFrance is useful on some maps. Usually those where there’s one or two pinch points or with overabundance of resources. Be careful as the Grand cannon causes damage to friendly units and structures. Usually picked by defensive minded people.
Red Alert 2 Faction KoreaKoreaRed Alert 2 black eagleA very useful nation especially on large maps and against all nations. Black Eagles have extra health, speed and firepower any you only need 6-7 to destroy your opponents MCV. Black eagle rushes are a thing in some situations.
Red Alert 2 factionAmericaRed Alert 2 paradropA very popular nation. A well placed paradrop can be devastating taking out critical structures, or denying your opponent access in choke points. The paradrop is also free and therefore you get eight free GI’s every few minutes. America players love to use GI Battle fortress which is very effective against infantry and structures. You need to be careful when playing against Iraq and Britain.
Red Alert 2 Faction britainBritainRed Alert 2 sniperBritain and it’s sniper can be quite useful. A lot of people love to use dogs as fodder in tank battles. A sniper IFV eliminates that option. Same goes from Iraq Desolators who can be dealt with quite easily with a sniper.
Red Alert 2 Faction germanyGermanyRed Alert 2 Tank DestroyerOne of the least useful Factions in Red Alert 2. Tank Destroyers while excellent against tanks are useless against everything else. They need to be paired up with other tanks/units and even then they’re limited because their turret doesn’t turn. A skilled player will outmaneuver them without a lot of difficulty.
Red Alert 2 Faction iraqIraqRed Alert 2 DesolatorThe Desolator is one of the better special units. They lay waste to infantry and lightly armored tanks. Therefore they spell death for most of allied hi tech tanks like prisms and mirages. They can also be used as fodder as they cannot be crushed and don’t take a lot of damage from basic tanks. However they are slow and it’s better to transport them in flak tracks and vulnerable to air attacks.
Red Alert 2 Factions libyaLibyaRed Alert 2 Demolition TruckDemo trucks can be very deadly in certain situations and a convoy of them can destroy entire bases in seconds (Iron Curtain). But those situations are few and far between and they can explode spectacularly in your face with a well placed shot from air.
Red Alert 2 Factions russiaRussiaRed Alert 2 tesla tankIn my opinion Tesla tanks are kind of underrated, an elite Tesla tank is seriously OP. But they need quite a lot of micro control to use them effectively as their lack of armor makes a head on assault a bad idea without support.
Red Alert 2 Factions CubaCubaRed Alert 2 Factions terroristApart from a early rushes, Cuba and it’s terrorist aren’t as useful as other special units on this list. There are some tactics you can use to annoy your opponent and take out his vital structures but they’re often more trouble to execute than they’re worth.