Where did you get all these maps?

Most of the maps I got while joining games on the CnCnet client. Every time you join a game room that has a map selected, that you do not own, the map is transferred to your installation. Unfortunately the transferred files have a name random name generated, so it’s not easy to find that map again. But for this site I went trough most of those maps and included the ones that are played the most to my knowledge. Other maps I found around the internet, some here some there.

Are the maps modded or not?

Some are modded and some are not. Unfortunately for most I don’t know if they are and how. If I at all knew anything about the map I added a description above the download button.

Some maps are in the wrong category!

I guess mistakes are unavoidable and some maps can fall in multiple categories and I had to make a judgment call.

I wanted to download one map but I got another!

Again mistakes can be made. I probably added the wrong link to the Download button. Let me know which one and I’ll try and fix it!

Why didn’t you put Red Alert 2 maps in one category and Yuri’s Revenge map in another?

I was planing to do that. But from what I know all RA2 maps can be played in YR too. And there was no way to know which map is meant for what game when all of them had the ending of .map instead of .yrm or .mpr without actually testing the map. That would mean at least another 5 minutes needed to add a map to the site and it just isn’t time manageable in my humble opinion.

You’re called CnCmaps but you only have Red Alert 2 & Yuri’s Revenge maps. How come?

As I mostly play those two games I started by posting maps for them. I plan to add maps for other games at a later date. But I’d like to make a nice collection of RA2 & YR maps first.  It takes 2-3 minutes to add each map to the site so it may take a while before I add other games.

Why are some of the maps downloaded from this website and some redirect you to another?

While ideally I’d like all maps to be downloaded from this site. Unfortunately some map creators want their maps to be hosted on other sites for various reasons. If the map isn’t hosted on this site and the download link will redirect you to another site, I’ll make sure to let you know that in the map description. If an external link isn’t marked in the description let me know and I’ll add it.

I’d like to submit my map to your site!

Glad to hear that! Hit me up on one of my social media profiles, or leave a comment on my Youtube channel and I’ll gladly add your map. Just be sure to let me know for which game, what category is it ( survival, small map, oil in middle, 2 player map, etc. ) and if the map is modded or not. I do reserve the option to decline the map if it’s really really bad. Like just plain terrain with only starting spots.

You included my map without permission! Take it down now! 

Let me know on my social media and I will. I meant to ask everyone I know, if I may include their work here. If I forgot to ask you I’m terribly sorry. For those I don’t know I can’t really ask permission so let me know and I’ll take them down. Again no offense was meant and I’m sorry. Alternatively I can change the download link to your website ( where you provide downloads for your maps ) and redirect traffic there.