Red Alert 2 Auto Repair – How to!

I’ve been playing the Extra Hard Mod recently and a lot of people have asked me how did I make the buildings repair themselves on their own. I usually just reply it’s part of the mod, which it is, but today I’ve taken a look at the code of the mod to find the line of code that enables the auto repair. So let’s take a look at how to enable auto repair in Red Alert 2?

First you need to find your RulesMD.ini file or the spawner.xdp file if you’re using the CnCnet client. I suggest opening those files with NotePad++ or some similar program.  Once you’ve opened the file search for the [IQ] section and the command line RepairSell=1. Change that line to RepairSell=0 and that’s it! Start up the game and your damaged buildings will repair themselves.  

If you want to add the auto repair to just one map, then all you need to do is open that map in NotePad++ and add [IQ] RepairSell=0 anywhere in the map file.

Now that you know how to auto repair in Red Alert 2 one final warning! Don’t use this change in multiplayer! It’s a cheat and I’m pretty sure the CncNet client detects the changes to the code.

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