Ai Dungeon – First Experiance (2021)

ai dungeon

Where Ai Dungeon started

When I was young I enjoyed those choose your own adventure books. You know the ones that  would send you to a different page based on the actions you choose? The love of those kinds of books has somewhat extended to my gaming habits because I enjoy a good RPG. When not playing Command & Conquer of course. Well today I stumbled across a text based adventure called Ai Dungeon. A game where story develops based on what you say and do. 


Starting a new game

When you first select a new game you need to decide the world your adventure will take place in. I choose the dark world of Kedar. Kedar is a world of dragons, demons, and monsters. These dark creatures constantly war for control of the land, leaving the few human kingdoms in the shadow of a dark and powerful force. Next I created my character. Tkragon a male, half-demon ranger from small kingdom on the outskirts of Kedar. When I also selected the starting location I was ready to start my adventure.

Ai dungeon adventure awaits

The game started with me, after weeks of traveling, reaching the kingdom of Agadori. And now it was my turn to create the narrative. The game now asks me to say or do something. I decide to say “Finally I arrived at my destination!”, so I typed that in the text box. After that I visited a logging town and after a brief encounter with the town guard he informed me he hopes to see me dead soon. So hostile and all I asked was where I could spend the night. Luckily the guard didn’t object me leaving him without saying anything. 


After arriving at an inn, I asked the innkeeper for a empty room and some female company for the night. What happened next was a weird mishap with me mistaking her for the lady of the night and  her explaining that she isn’t a killer and that I’m a traveler of  League of Freelance Idiotic Adventurers.  Then I tried to take a much more sinister approach to my game play and tried to murder her and her friend who joined us. This is where the Ai Dungeon got a little lost and forgot who I already killed. But I did get a chuckle when the text displayed: You feel her warm blood pour over you as you laugh. “This is what it feels like to kill, to kill and to rule.”


Wonderfully evil shockingly twisted

After that I got curious how far would the game let me go? How twisted? How true to my demon origins can I get. You can see the results in the image to the left. I normally play as a humble and reluctant hero. But Ai Dungeon has peaked my interest and the Ai went far darker than I expected or even imagined. 

Because things became so twisted I decided to end the game there and I’ll give my final thoughts. Ai Dungeon isn’t perfect.  The Ai responses aren’t always what they should be and often look as if you’d be talking to someone with amnesia. So some conversation and stories can run in circles. But there is much potential here and I can see myself spending quite a few hours with this game once the ai gets a bit better. Until then it’s a fun for a few minutes until you get lost in your third conversation circle with no logical way out.  Oh and to go on a murderous spree, devouring bodies left and right! Next time I’ll take a look at Ai Dungeon 2.

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