C&C Remastered – New Image!

A new image from the C&C Remastered has surfaced online on Reddit. The poster claims it’s from the Petroglyph website. I wasn’t able to find it there so I can’t provide a link. Anyhow,  almost everything looks great! I love the detail on the models, like the little twirls in the ore silos or the little bit of shadow on the SAM site doors.

There are two things that bug me on this picture tho. Firstly the ore from the Red Alert side of the picture looks terrible in my opinion. The textures look really low quality and it’s kind of blurry and low detailed. Especially when compared to the crystals of C&C up top.

Secondly the ground textures look a bit flat. While the snow ground texture look ok ( but not great ), the grass/dirt terrain up top looks flat, repetitive and boring. Maybe after some battles it’ll look better with scorch and burn marks but I’d like some variety from the start. This was addressed by the developers in a post here (look for a comment by Jim Vessella towards the end of the page). He claims the more detailed terrain distracted from the game-play and looked patterned. Anyway I’m still looking forward to the C&C Remastered and soaking up all the new info that is coming out!

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