Is Red Alert 2 being Remastered

In June 2020 Petroglyph studios remastered the original Command & Conquer and Red Alert. The remastered collection was a huge success critically as well as commercially with over 1.5 million copies sold. This success has left many fans wondering: “Is Red Alert 2 being remastered next?” 

While browsing through the internet for information, about a possible Remaster of Red Alert 2, I found these two posts that perfectly summarize the fan thoughts.

“Nickel for every time this (RA2 remaster) gets posted on this sub… “

“…We’d have enough money to kickstart a Ra2 remaster”

So there is a desire among fans for a Remastered Collection 2 that puts together C&C Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2. But is it likely we’ll see one?

red alert 2 remastered

A bit of history

They say that you have to know where you started the journey, to know where you’re going. So first, let us take a look back. The 2020 C&C Remastered was done by Petroglyph a studio that employs some of the original Westwood developers.  All Command and Conquer games up to Yuri’s Revenge were developed by Westwood studios. Then the studio was disbanded by EA and the C&C titles were transferred to other teams mainly EA LA. EA LA separated the C&C franchise in three distinct directions. The new and grounded C&C Generals. The futuristic sci-fi Tiberian franchise,  which borrows game-play ideas from other RTS games and is trying to become a player in e-sports. Lastly, the Red Alert series which most closely stuck to its C&C roots.

What happened after Red Alert 3 and Tiberian Wars was shocking but not entirely unexpected based on the publisher’s (EA) reputation.  The game that shouldn’t be named (C&C 4)  was a forced attempt at entering the e-sports market and more closely resembled a MOBA or an RPG game than a C&C game. 

Fans were ecstatic when a new C&C game was announced in 2018. But that happiness lasted all but a few seconds. It was revealed that it was going to be a mobile game. Rivals while a decent game was full of all the worse mobile game staples, like micro-transactions, and it was a C&C game in name only. The one good thing Rivals did is that it let EA (or at least some people at EA) know what fans really want. The return of C&C to the PC. And that’s what we got with the Remastered collection. 

red alert 2 remastered

Is there any news?

So here we are in 2022. It’s been almost two years since the C&C remastered release and is there any news about a Red Alert 2 or Tiberian Sun Remastered? Sadly, as of today, there is no official word out. There aren’t even any rumblings in the far corners of the internet. A while back Petroglyph was working on a secret title. But even if that was C&C related nothing came out of that rumor. 

Fan-made Red Alert 2 remastered?

While there is no official Red Alert 2 remastered on its way there are fan-made options available to you. Mental Omega mod is in a way a remaster, sequel, and a re-imagining of Red Alert 2. No real C&C fan should miss that mod. The CnCnet client also offers a way to play Red Alert 2 online. In a way, Red Alert 2 doesn’t need a remaster as badly as the original two games needed it. 

I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open for any updates on a potential Red Alert 2 remastered and let you know asap! Good luck, Commander! 


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