Stargate: Timekeepers RTS Video Game Now In Development

Stargate Timekeepers is a RTS game for PC now in development by Creative Forge Games. The announcement today comes with a 1-minute teaser trailer, featuring a CG dialing Stargate and the game’s official logo.

As a big big fan of Stargate and RTS game I cannot wait for this game! But with the game in early stages of development, what do we even know about it? The game will be set in the season seven finale, where we (Commander McCain) will be tasked to defend SG-1 from Anubis while they search for the lost city in Antarctica.  After the battle Commander McCain and her squad will embark  on an epic adventure that spans multiple original locations. Rather than following SG-1, Timekeepers follows original characters on missions elsewhere in the Stargate universe, and also across multiple time periods.

The description and the trailer are very bare bones but those who watched the Stargate series know that the possibilities are endless.  I personally hope there will be an Goa’uld campaign where I can conquer the solar system with a fleet of Ha’tak ships.

As for the developer of the game Creative Forge Games. Their games so far were quite well accepted but the closes to what we can expect might be  Ancient Space.

Stargate Timekeepers is the first RTS game with the Stargate lincense. The last published Stargate PC game was a third person shooter (Stargate: Resistance) that went offline in 2011. Two more Stargate games followed, but those were mobile only games.

Stargate Timekeepers RTS game



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