Red Alert 2 resolution fix [Solved 2022]

Einstein red alert 2 resolution fix

Are you having resolutions issues with your RA2 or YR game? Do you want to play the game at 1920×1080 or some other higher resolution. Here are some of Red Alert 2 resolution fix-es you can try.

Unlock high resolutions

The first and easiest way to play the game at higher resolutions is to unlock them in the game itself. Start up the game and when in the main menu turn on your caps lock. Now type “HIRES”. You should hear a sound effect on success. Not go to options and select a desired resolution. Note: The menus will have a black border around but ingame resolution will be fit will be scaled to full screen.

Edit your RA2.ini

Another way to increase your resolution is to edit your RA2.ini file. Open the file in an text editor. I suggest Notepad or Notepad++. Now find  the [Video] section and set your ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight to a desired size and save the file. The game should now run at your set resolution.  



If the game is running slow with these settings try and add insert “VideoBackBuffer=no” under the “AllowHiResModes=yes”.

If the resolution is scaled up but you don’t see the whole screen try and disable display scaling on high DPI setting on all exe files in the RA2 folder. Just right click on the file then select properties. The DPI setting should be in the compatibility tab. However that might vary depending on what Windows system your’re using.

CnCnet client

The far easiest and best way to apply any Red Alert 2 resolution fix(es) is to download and install the cncnet client. The CnCnet client is not only a platform for online play but it also provides various patches and fixes various compatibility issues Red Alert 2 might have with modern systems. To learn how to install the client go here or watch the video on the left. Once in the client just navigate to options and choose the resolution.

Red Alert 2 resolution fix

These are the most common fixes to your resolution issues. If other fixes come to light I will add them to the article at a later time! Good luck commander! 

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