Command and Conquer Remastered

Command and Conquer remastered  is a remaster of the original C&C and the first Red Alert. There have been a few updates posted on Reddit about it’s progress and so far it looks very promising. I’m very much looking forward to re-playing the old missions and honestly can wait for it’s release.

Let’s take a look at the few of said Command and Conquer Remastered updates that were released. 

Construction Yard

First image is of the improved construction yard.

The design is very much true to  original with added details. And most of the added details can be seen in the unpacking cinematic in the original game. 

Tesla Tank

The Tesla tank is again great looking. But it has so much detail I wonder how much of said detail will be seen in-game where the unit is much smaller ( or you’re not looking at it so close up ). 


The new sidebar seems like a good mix between the rigid though classic old one but with new quality of life improvements. The new icons are amazing but true to the originals, having them in a grid with three columns and dividing them into buildings, infantry, units & super – weapons tabs should mean you won’t have to scroll to find a building or unit to build. However I’m  not sure about are the repair, sell and worldmap?! buttons above. They seem to small and too cramped. 

Mission select screen

Playing through the campaign should be as it was in the original. With you progressing from mission to mission with cut-scenes between. But this is the screen where you’d be able to go to replay the missions you already completed. It looks great and should serve it’s purpose. There was no such screen, from what I remember, in the original and replaying the missions meant you had to go to save game files. The only issue I have with this is the GDI logo behind the mission name. I thin they should move it to the right as the text is hard to read with the logo behind it. Other than that, well done.

As more Command and Conquer Remasterd updates are published I’ll be here to give my thoughts and opinions, until then

Peace trough power!


Command and conquer remastered update

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