Most annoying types of players on CnCNet

I’ve been playing Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge on CnCNet for more than two years now and I’ve encountered all types of players in that time. And I’m not talking about the player skill level. I’m talking about their demeanor, attitude towards others or any other habits they might have. I’ve encountered nice and kind people who help others get better and some not that polite players that send opponents to f*** themselves. On a good day. On a bad day they might send you somewhere worse. So here are the TOP 10 most annoying types of players on CnCNet ( and probably elsewhere too) client.


NUMBER 10 – The “one map” guy

There are a certain number of players on the client that only play one types of maps or just on a few maps in general. Because they play a limited number of maps they’re usually ( not always ) really good on them. And that is not the really annoying part. They can play the game every and which way they want. It’s their choice. But most of them get really cocky each time they beat you. Trashing you and calling you names. Then if you ask them to change the map they either refuse to do so or lose badly and proceed to insult you for whatever reason. That is the annoying part.

I’ve played this one dude a number of times on the same map. He was really good and I enjoyed the challenge even tho he was really cocky and rude. Then after playing him a few times I noticed we only played one map with the same settings. So asked him to change the map. After beating me probably more than 20 times he felt confident enough to play me on a different map. We played the new map he selected once and he lost in the first three minutes. I probably don’t have to tell you he set the map right back and a bunch of slurs came my way.

NUMBER 9 – The I WANT X guy

Every-time you create a game you can expect to see at least one of these people. You create a normal 3v3 game with the settings you want. For example you want to play on Sedona with crates and supers ON. People start to join. And then that person comes in. “Hey I turn Crates ON and Supers OFF”. And the more you try to explain that it’s your lobby and that you want to play the settings you choose and that he can leave if he doesn’t like them the more he will insist that you change them. This person would be higher on the list but you can kick and ban such players from the game, so he’s at number 9.


NUMBER 8 – The “Leave at the last second” host

Imagine the scenario. You join a game. It’s 4v4 and you’re the third person there. It’s just what you’re looking for to pass the time. The host is there and even promotes the match in the main lobby. Since it’s a 4v4 it takes a while for enough players to join. So you wait four, five minutes even longer. Then finally the eight player joins. The host tells everyone to get ready and another minute later when everyone is green. THE HOST HAS ABANDONED THE GAME. THE HOST HAS QUIT CNCNET.  Don’t be those guys! They’re the most annoying types of players.


NUMBER 7 – The taunt spammer

You know those taunts “I need more money”, “Gosh darn it I need more cash”, “Hahahahahha” etc. etc.. Those who were so popular when we were kids? There’s nothing wrong with a taunt or two once in while. But I’ve ran into some people that spam them constantly and over and over. So after a while the once cool taunts become the most annoying sound ever!


NUMBER 6 – Overuse of the term n00b

I must admit this is my personal pet peeve. The number of different uses for n00b I’ve heard on CnCnet is enough to fill a dictionary. If someone who has no before knowledge of the meaning of the word would watch all the scenarios it was used in, he wouldn’t be able to figure the meaning out.  Two great players playing, one wins and calls the other n00b. Two other player that can barley place down a building play and they call each other a n00b. The person losing calls the other a n00b. There are people out there that will call you a n00b no mater if losing or winning and they’re the reason the word has lost all meaning. So people who overuse the word n00b are one of the most annoying types of players.


NUMBER 5 – Complaining about an ally

Every game you’re not playing alone, either 1v1 or FFA has a chance you get allied with a player who’s skill isn’t up to the other players. It will happen. But some people rather than helping their ally with advice and in doing so helping themselves, start complaining about them. “I would beat you, but my ally sucks”, “My ally is a n00b, you’ve won”, “It’s not fair my ally is a n00b”. The only time I’d understand complaining about your ally is if that person doesn’t heed you advice or doesn’t talk back to you. Otherwise stop complaining and annoying other players and help your ally to get better.

p.s.: The worse and most annoying types of players Quit when they see they’re in the team with a lesser player. Often they Alt-f4 out. Wich brings us to…


NUMBER 4 – People who ALT – F4 out

We all know them. They start losing, you hear the ding that they’ve left the game-room and before you know it you’re stuck on the disconnected screen. Is that the most annoying thing that can happen to you in a Red Alert 2 game? Probably not, but I’ve had games where 3-4 people have done so and I’ve been stuck for two minutes or more in the disconnect screen before I was able to complete the match. It’s really annoying as the normal way to quit only takes 1-2 seconds. But I guess people love to rage quit.


NUMBER 3 – General Rudeness

The amount of profanity and rudeness towards other players I’ve seen on the client…. We’ll it’s about the same as any other place on the internet. An as on every other place on the internet there are people that go overboard. Calling someone names just because you can was cool when we we’re 14. Unless you’re still 14 be civil and we’ll all have a much better time online.

p.s: My online experience wasn’t ruined because of rude players. And you can avoid it. But it’s can become annoying especially when unprovoked.


NUMBER 2 – The attacking your ally kai… guy or doesn’t ally in a team game.

It’s a normal 3v3 game on TOE. You ally with the players on your side and start your build and exploring the map. Then a minute or two in your allays flak truck arrives at your MCV. It’s your ally so you think nothing of it. And then that ally declares war on you, captures your MCV and probably other buildings and you’re out of the game. I’ve had this happen several times, probably by the same person before I learned his name. But this was just someone trolling. It’s annoying but it doesn’t happen that often. Think of the same TOE scenario, in-game ally is on and all. You ally with one person on your side, but the other doesn’t ally back. You talk to him. No response. You tell him how to ally in the event he doesn’t know how. No response. So you’re there stuck playing 2v1v3. It’s annoying as five other people have wasted their time because this player doesn’t want to ally and play 1v5 I guess.


NUMBER 1 – Teaming up in FFA

I’m not talking about the normal teaming up where you attack the same player at the same time due to strategy. I’m talking about two players spying each other and eliminating other players one by one. Not once attacking each other. It happened to me a few times over the years. These are the worse of the worst annoying types of players. Here’s a video link to the first time it did. Side note: It’s an old video.


That’s my list. What annoys you the most when playing online?

P.s.: Want a new map for Red Alert 2? Check here.

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