Red Alert 2 Remastered art that will amaze you

So I Remastered a piece of Red Alert 2 Art originally made by Hongqi Zhang. Full credits for the original to him.

I basically just animated the image to make it a bit more dynamic and added music to make it feel epic. First I added animated the rain, some of the clouds. Next I animated the mirage tanks to move slightly forward down the hillside. I also animated the tree tops, but that didn’t really work out that well.

I wanted to also animate the birds but I ran out of knowledge so that is a step for another time.  Adding lightening from the storm was also an idea I had. But I couldn’t really make it work. Overall I’m pleased with how my little art project turned out. It was a lot of work and a bit of learning how to use after effects, but I enjoyed the project.

What do you guys think of my Red Alert 2 Remastered art?

Original image

Mirage attack by Hongqi Zhan - Red Alert 2 art

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