Farlake (2) v1.1 [by tkragon]

Farlake is a rather large map for a 1v1 but it provides multiple ways to defeat your opponent. Starting points are positioned at the top and the bottom. On the left side of the map each player has an Oil Derrick that is close to a canyon filled with gems. 

This canyon can become a true war-zone when players fight over the riches inside. Just be careful how you build inside the canyon or your units might get stuck or take some unfortunate way to get to and from the gem field. To the right of the canyon there’s a sneaky path next to the lake, going from one base to another. 

The lake provides the opportunity for some naval warfare and can give the player a decent advantage if he’s willing to spend the credits for navy. To the right of the lake we have a large harbor with a small town next to it. The harbor has gems in the middle to be fought over. The buildings makes it easier to defend your miners, or it can make it difficult for the other player to access the gems.

 Good luck commander! 

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