Red Alert 2 & Yuri’s Revenge Unsorted maps

Looking to download Red Alert 2 & Yuri’s Revenge unsorted maps? You came to the right place. On this page you’ can find a link to a collection of over 2500 maps!  Two, four, six, eight player maps? We have them. In addition to that you can find survival maps, Oil in Center maps, Missions & other kid of maps!

The issue? As the name of this sub-page hints the maps are not sorted, badly named & some even have the wrong extensions ( map, mpr, yrm ). Moreover some of the maps are even really bad in quality and might not even work. Therefore this really is a map dump! However a portion of these maps will make their way to the sorted sections, especially those I play most often, while most won’t. In other words you have been warned! 

Red Alert 2 & Yuri’s Revenge unsorted maps can be downloaded in the link below.