How to play Red Alert 3 online in 2021

How to play red alert 3 online

Up on release in 2008 Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 used GameSpy to provide online multiplayer. When GameSpy shut down in 2014 online play became impossible. Luckily the C&C community stepped together and created a solution. “C&C online” provides online play for Red Alert 3, as well as Tiberian Wars, Kane’s wrath and both Generals games.  So how to play Red Alert 3 online in 2021? Follow these easy six steps…

Step 1

Go to C&C Online website and download the launcher for Red Alert 3. 

How to play red alert 3 online

Step 2

While you’re waiting for your download to complete you can register an account on “C&C Online” webpage. As part of the registration process you’ll also create a server account. Don’t worry it’s just a form, just remember the email, the server login name and the password you used.

Step 3

Now you’ll need to patch your game to the latest version. The latest patch is available on the Revora (the hosting company of C&C online) forums here. After the patch is downloaded just double click the file to install it. 

Step 4

By now C&C online installer should have finished downloading. Install and launch the  “C&C online”. To install click the CNCOnline_2.0.7.msi, by default it should install it to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Revora\CNCOnline


Step 5

Launch “C&C Online”. On certain system you may need to do so as an administrator. Now click Red Alert 3 to start the game.

red alert 3 online

Step 6

Once in the game navigate to the play online option. And you should see the menu in the picture to the right. Now remember the server name we used when we registered our account? Use that as the “Online ID”. The “Password” is the server password (not your account! password) and your “Account name” is your email you used to register on C&C Online.

Click log in and if we did everything correctly you should see a lobby with other players. If you had any issues you can ask for help on the C&C Online official forums, check the official set up guide or this more detailed steam installation guide.

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Good luck commander! 

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