Play Red Alert 2 for FREE (2023)

So you want to play Red Alert 2 for free? Well unfortunately the game hasn’t been made freeware yet. So there are no legal ways to play for free except for these small exceptions. Well at least to my knowledge.

So how can you play Red Alert 2 for free? Let’s find out! 

Red Alert 2 free Xwis

The first way is to download the Xwis multiplayer distribution. It enables you to play multiplayer and skirmish games. This is a legal version and for those of you interested in multiplayer this is an ideal solution. Go to Xwis forum here and download the necessary files. If you own the old CDs of the game and can’t install the game with those you can use this distribution instead of the CDs. Follow the tutorial here. Like I said previously this will allow you to play Red Alert 2 for free but you will be unable to play the campaign. 

Red Alert 2 free

There’s a free version of the game available to download on Abandonware. But I think it’s the same as the Xwis version. I’ve downloaded the game from there and tried to play it. It had some unexpected errors but I corrected those by changing the compatibility mode to WinXp and tested the game with a skirmish match. It worked fine.  You can also download Yuri’s Revenge from Abandonware but it’s not free. The buy page redirects you to the Origin store and the Ultimate collection.

Another option to play Red Alert 2 for free is a browser version of the game called Chrono Divide. You can play Chrono Divide in your internet browser. I tested it on Mozilla and Chrome and it worked fine. Although I had some issues on my main PC because of its graphics card. Currently, it’s in its early alpha stage. When you reach the website it asks you to download some game files. I’m not sure what those do and they are not needed for a simple custom game, which is the only mode you can play right now. Some advanced units and structures are missing after all it’s an alpha build and the fact the game is working is an achievement, to begin with. So keep your eye on this version of free Red Alert 2.


red alert 2 free Openra

OpenRA is an open-source project that recreates and modernizes classic real-time strategy games, like Red Alert, Command & Conquer, and Dune 2000.  How does Red Alert 2 come into the picture? Well, there is a mod for OpenRA that enables you to play Red Alert 2 for free on the OpenRA engine. However, it’s not a finished product but once complete it can be the Red Alert 2 remaster we’re all waiting for from EA. 

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